More Artists Added including the Class of ’18

Spring Awakening is known for bringing together the best electronic musicians from around the world, a yearly celebration of the diverse array of sounds and scenes that showcase a wide spectrum of the best around. This year, we’re renewing our focus on the beacon of talent and output that lies right here at home in Chicago with SAMF: Class of 2018.

From juke and footwork to house, and beyond, Chicago stands forever as one of the great American cities for electronic music. At React Presents, we’re proud to play a role in that legacy and want to use this opportunity to connect Spring Awakening attendees to who we feel are some of the best and brightest coming out of Chicago. Pay close attention to this lineup today, because they might just be headliners tomorrow!

The Class of 2018 valedictorians include the new DJ duo BIRTHDAYY PARTYY (comprised of brothers Bryan and Jon Gorecki), female electro/bass house DJs DANI DEAHL and HALEIGH HAUS, tech house DJ KARSTEN SOLLORS, deep/tech house duo MANIFEST SHOWCASE, the one and only PORN AND CHICKEN (comprised of Orville Kline, Phives, and Dom Brown), best known for their infamous Monday night parties, and bass house dj SMIIRK.